Individual Training

 Program includes the most effective and common exercices from famous gymnastic yoga. Level of difficulty ranges from beginner to medium and advanced.

During training teacher explains importance of correct postures and uses this practice as a tool. To lead your will, and also provides explanation of breathing technique in Asana. You can start from beginning or develop your abilities at your pace. There are different yoga styles as there are difference in people personality. That is why I set up individual program to target your goals more quickly and efficiently.

Group program

For easier training and more emulation. This is more convenient for majority of people. You are always under teacher’s surveillance. You train at the time of your choosing with most effectiveness. This program suits mostly people who cannot make exercice alone and spend long hours sitting at a desk.

To decide to join group increases effectiveness and reduces price and time.

Private lesson

For people who feel more confident in practicing alone, cannot follow group pace, need longer training session and having irregular time schedule, or may have some health issue.

With individual lesson, you receive a tailor made program designed to fit your abilities and can be adapted in real time.


Schedule and Tarifs is >>HERE<<

*** Please call for reservation / information +352661228004

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