Yoga Schedule


Yoga Schedule Choose the best time and we will try our  best to make Your body  wellness and perfect.

Before to Start

- Arrive 05-10 minutes before lesson,in order to give you time to slowly enter in the seance, and get orientation.

- For respect to other students, cell phones should be switched of.
- Bring towel, bottle of water, and yoga mat
- Dress comfortable clothes. Please note no sweat pants allowed. Consider to bring change of clothes for after class.
- Kindly note large meals should be avoided 2 to 3 hours before class. However, a light snack is fine 1 hour before. Finally good hydration makes heat of lesson more comfy.
Important notice: If you have severe health issue, you might inform the teacher prior lesson.


 1 lesson €16

12 lessons €160 (validity 1 month)

Individual lesson €30


*** Please call for reservation / information +352661228004
Call for information & reservation
Yoga training TARIF & SCHEDULE