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 Program includes the most effective and common exercices from famous gymnastic ...

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1 lesson € 16; 12 lessons € 160 (validity 1 month); Individual lesson € 30 ...

All about Yoga

Yoga is an ancient system of gymnastic including a lot of exercice, and the most...

As of today there is a huge quantity of ways of growing thin. Fortunately, everyone can pick up for him/herself  a wearisome diet, heavy physical activities or nice enjoyable yoga experience.

The complex of exercises of yoga allows:
To grow thin rather quickly and comfortably enough, to tone up muscles, to get rid or even to reduce quantity of extra kgs. Besides  yoga is a fine way not only to dump weight, but also to support desirable result during long time.

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YOGA CLASS with Yoga Harmony

We are delighted to welcome you on our website and hope to see you soon in our class.


Yoga Harmony is the concretisation of a dream to make people grow in harmony with their soul and body.

No matter your age or abilities, we wish to make you feel in our class as comfortable as it is home.

At Yoga Harmony, we will help you find your style of yoga in order to bring joy in your practice and reach your goals.

Each class ends with a blissful relaxation moment enhancing better recovery and inner happiness.


 * Please call for reservation / information +352661228004

6 C Porte de France, L-4360 Esch/Alzette

+35 26 6122 8004


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